Whacky World Without Props

31 July 9:38PM

A Whacky Wonderful World Without Props was a machinima short made with Lionhead Studios The Movies that was released two years ago. The short followed Hitler dressed as a clown and a man dressed as a bunny rabbit performing many movie scenes without the use of a certain prop. Overall the shoty made by Lythym Productions was very sloppy but had potential. Flembo Films has been granted the permission to do a remake of the production.

We plan on remaking five famous movie scenes in the movies, without the use of props so don't worry there won't be some oodly dressed Hitler roaming about on invisible horses without a care in the world while Yakkety Sax plays annoyingly in the background.

More information on the production will come soon. But as for now most of the Flembo Films team are working on How To Hide Your Roomie Alien.

(Below are screenshots from the original film)

Script Writing For How To Hide Your Roomie Alien Commenses

23rd July 9:12PM

Eliot Witters and Flembo Films are pleased to announce that script writting is well underway, We've come up with 14 episode ideas which we now have to pick the best 6 out of them. Also we've written up to 4 minutes of the first episode.

We'll keep you updated on future development

Flembo Films Commisions Sims Machinima Series:
 How To Hide Your Roomie Alien

22nd July 8:44PM

Flembo Films Yesterday announced a machinima series about a hopeless perfectionist bookworm who struggles with day today life wakes up one day to find a couch Potato, Metalhead Alien has moved in with him. Now he has to do his best to hide him/it from the Rest of Sunshine Valley.

The plan is for this series to have 6 episodes with the chance of a second series depending on popularity and success of the series. A realistic release target for the series would be between December - February but nothing is set in stone yet.

Not much can be said about the project at the moment but writing and directing shall be done by Eliot Witters whilst all casting shall be done by Elias Gisborne
and finally editing done by Danny Pilgrim.